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 The Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture (JCPC, ISSN 1598-267X) is the only peer-reviewed, English language journal dedicated exclusively to research concerning the history and contemporary relevance of Confucianism. It was first published in 2001 by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, Sungkyunkwan University for the purpose of interpreting and exploring Confucianism from a modern perspective. From 2007, it sought to integrate broader academic dialogue by publishing articles in Chinese and English. From August 2019, JCPC will strengthen its international network and broaden its global presence by concentrating on articles written in English. The journal is cross-disciplinary in its outlook and presents work from philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, historians, theologians, political scientists as well as other disciplines. JCPC examines the historical, doctrinal, literary, social, and political developments that have formed contemporary versions of Confucianism for the purpose of interpreting and exploring Confucianism from a modern perspective.

The interests of JCPC include:
· Confucian thought and culture
· critical reviews of academic trends, mainly in the arts and humanities, related to Confucianism and East Asian cultures
· the history and contemporary relevance of Confucianism
· interpretations and analyses of Confucian ideology
· the meeting of Confucianism with western cultures
· clashes between Confucian and Western thought
· new interpretations of and approaches to traditional Confucian ideas
· moral psychology and Confucian philosophy

JCPC is published biannually (in February and August) and welcomes the contribution of both articles and book reviews, including reviews of films, exhibitions, internet resources, etc. Submissions of papers, as well as proposals for guest issues, related to the aims and scope of the journal are welcomed. The journal also welcomes proposals for bibliographic essays on specific topics and areas of scholarly research. All unsolicited articles are subject to peer review.