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Vol Title Author Date PDF
[공지] Publication Ethics 19.09.02 PDF 다운로드
[공지] The Code of Management for the Editorial Board 19.09.02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) How to Interpret Mencius’ Concept of “Xing” 性?: The Debate in Western Sinology and Its Current Signi HAN Zhenhua 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) How Is It Possible for the Sage to Know by Listening? SHENG Xia 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) A Comparative Study of the Development Patterns of Zhuzixue in China and Korea DENG Qing-Ping 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) Yan Fu’s Scientific Thought and Mutual Understanding HAN Sunggu 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) From “Return to Kang Youwei” to “Back to Mou Zongsan”: A Study on the Political Confucianism of Main WEN Bifang 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.29 (2018) Being-psychology and Confucianism JUN Byung-Sul 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) Two Faces of Human Dignity: Mencius and Migrant Workers in East Asia KIM Myeong-Seok 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) Deciphering Zhou Dunyi’s “Taijitu” 太極圖 KIM Hak Ze 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) The Substance of the Mind and the Immortality of the Self in Zhu Xi: In Relation to the Guishen-hunp KIM Woo-hyung 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) A Composite Centrality: Interpreting Centrality within Zhu Xi’s Zhongyong Joep SMORENBURG 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) Scholarship and Self-Cultivation: Reconstruction, Dissemination, and Internalization of Confucian Th LO Ming-Tung 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) The Role of Choe Si-hyeong and His Recognition of the World in the Eastern Learning Movement JEON Sungkun 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) The Analects and the Confucianization of Judiciary in the Han and Tang Dynasties TANG Ming-Gui 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) Wang Tingxiang’s Inheritance and Development of Zhang Zai’s “The Great Void Being the Same as Materi LIN Yen-Ting 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) Why Is Traditional Filial Piety Burdensome? KIM Dukkyun 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.28 (2017) On Xunzi’s Ritual and “Following the Later King”: An Analysis of the Idea “A Consistent Principle of CHANG Hyun Guen 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.27 (2017) Who Answered the Shang Diviner?: The Nature of Shang Divination BACK Youngsun 19.03.25 PDF 다운로드
Vol.27 (2017) Tian 天 (Heaven) as a Cosmological Framework for Kongzi’s Moral Teaching LEE Yong-Yun 19.03.26 PDF 다운로드
Vol.27 (2017) Governance and Autonomy: Chen Fuliang’s Political Theory SONG Jae-yoon 19.03.26 PDF 다운로드
Vol.27 (2017) On the Notion of “Unifying Ren 仁” in Wang Yangming’s Thoughts on Ren WU Zhen 19.03.26 PDF 다운로드
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