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Vol Title Author Date PDF
[공지] Publication Ethics 19.09.02 PDF 다운로드
[공지] The Code of Management for the Editorial Board 19.09.02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) A Logical Mechanism of Justifying the Sustainability of Social Networks in the Neo-Confucian School KIM Yon Jae 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) From a Prohibition of Talk about Otherworldly Elements to Harangues about Heavenly Morality in Confu CHEN Yan 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) An Analysis of the “Interaction between Heaven and Man” in Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi’s Neo-Confucianism PENG Yaoguang 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) Wang Fuzi’s Understanding of the Great Learning: In Comparison to Zhu Xi’s Understanding LIM Ok Kyun 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) Confucianism, Intellectuals, and the State: Reconstructing Confucianism as a Critical Discourse CHO Keong-ran 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) A Masterpiece of Confucian Latin Translation in the 18th Century: François Noël S.I. and LUO Ying 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.23 (2015) A Study of Tjhie Tjay Ing’s Views of Confucian Religion in Indonesia CHUAN Tee Boon 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) Zhang Jiucheng 張九成 as an Eminent Advocate of the Cheng Learning (Chengxue 程學) in the Early Southern LEE Junghwan 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) “Critical Confucianism”: Ye Shi’s 葉適 Constitutional Vision SONG Jae-yoon 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) Moral Agent and Practical Functions in Cheong Yagyong's Theory of Mind KIM Woohyung 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) A Study for Promoting Morality through the Application of the Confucian Notion of Benevolence (Ren 仁 LEE Sang-ho 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) Envisioning the Territory of the Sages: The Neo-Confucian Discourse of Jingjie HAN Christina 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) The Structure of Mind in Neo-Confucianism Analyzed from the Metaphysical Differences of Cheng Hao an ZHANG Xinguo 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) Some Characteristics of Chen Xiangdao’s Interpretation of the Lunyu quanjie 論語全解 (Complete Interpret TANG Minggui 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) Comparing Mou Zongsan’s Opinion of Toegye and Yulgok JUN Byung-sul 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) On Mengzi’s Understanding of Nature ZHOU Junyong 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.22 (2014) The Spread of Confucianism to Britain and Germany by Protestant Missionaries in the Late Qing Dynast LIU Danchen 19.04.03 PDF 다운로드
Vol.21 (2014) A Reconsideration of Yi Hwang's Four-Seven Theory YOO Weon Ki 19.04.04 PDF 다운로드
Vol.21 (2014) Yulgok's Moral Emotion Theory: A Reflection on the Foundation of Normativity KIM Kyungho 19.04.04 PDF 다운로드
Vol.21 (2014) Dialectical Development of the Theory of the Four Beginnings and Seven Feelings by the Toegye and Yu AN Yookyung 19.04.04 PDF 다운로드
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