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[Vol.28 (2017)] Two Faces of Human Dignity: Mencius and Migrant Workers in East Asia
Author : KIM Myeong-Seok
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 1-25
Keyword : Mencius, Confucianism, migrant workers, human rights, human dignity, respect
Abstract :

Daniel A. Bell and Nicola Piper have argued that the foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore had better not be given equal rights or full citizenship, partly based on the claim that the affective ties analogous to familial love and caring are a more important value than mutual respect between the employer and the employee in the Confucian culture of East Asia. I dispute this claim by providing Confucian arguments emphasizing the importance of respecting other people’s dignity in the context of non-familial relationships, while at the same time pointing out the limitations of the Confucian discourse on this matter by discussing the other, less bright dimensions of the Mencian conception of human dignity and respect that could actually be used to support the unequal treatment of migrant workers in East Asia.


Attachments : KIM Myeong-Seok.pdf

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