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[Vol.15 (2011)] The Studies of Ye Shi’s Philosophical Thinking
Author : Yang Guorong
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 147-160
Keyword : Thing, Tendency, Human Being, Refining Self, Refining the World
Abstract :

Ye Shi’s philosophical thinking contained two dimensions: paying close attention to
social reality and stressing the human practice as well as the outcome of practice.
Theses two sides are well demonstrated in discussion regarding the relationship of thing,
Dao, tendency and human being as well as the relation between refining self and
refining the world. Thing as object, for Ye, is independed from human being, however,
its meaning of value is only disclosed to human. Similarly, though tendency is the
necessary force, yet based on their grasping of various tendencies, human being can
realize their social ideal through practice. Furthermore, as the relation between self and
others is concerned, individual person can both making endeavor for the cultivation of
self and the playing a significant role in social activities. The all investigations on the
issues above are manifested unique development of Confucianism which are different
from the approach of the Neo-Confucianism.

Attachments : vol.15-08.pdf

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