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[Vol.15 (2011)] Wang Fuzhi’s Explain on Time and Place in Qian Divanation
Author : Zhang Xuezhi
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 181-198
Keyword : Wang Fuzhi, Qian, Time, Place, Virtue of Dragon
Abstract :

In Wang Fuzhi advocate that understand the meaning of virtue of dragon through
synthesizing six yao of latency, appear, jump, fly. character of vigorous and purity of
dragon express itself in diversified apply. On the annotation of “Do not use dragon
latent”, wang with an eye to develop potential and amass force in the period of
weakness. On the annotation of “Dragon in the field”, wang’s emphases is that
dominator mast hobnob with common people, no remote from the average citizen. On
the annotation of “dragon spring out of abysm”, “dragon fly in the sky”, “exorbitant
dragon is regret”, wang stress that have foreknowledge to avoid adversity. On the
annotation of “gentleman mast be vigorous and guard”, wang have pivotal choice in
mind that no overrun neither scarcity, and achieve the gentleman’s standard through
moral culture. In the above interpretation, Wang bring forward a lot of historic event,
and demonstrate profoundly according as principle in the qian. This interpretation is
clear expression of Wang’s desire that sum up the lesson in perdition of Ming dynasty
and rebuilding of Chinese culture.

Attachments : vol.15-10.pdf

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