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[Vol.14 (2010)] About the Source of Liji‧Yueji’s “Li” Ideology and Its Meanings and Characters
Author : Wang yi
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 76-96
Keyword : Liji•Yueji, “Li” Ideology, Source, Meanings and Characters, Significance
Abstract :

Liji•Yueji’s “Li” ideology has high significance. On the one hand, yueji first used
the word “ethics”, On the other hand, after ZhuangZi, it used the concept of “the
principle of nature” second place, furthermore, It added the concept of “the principle of
nature” to “the principle of nature and human desires”. In all of Li ideology’s meanings
in “Pre-Qin” dynasty, Yueji absorbed three branches meanings that are “everything
internal properties and rules”, “the consciousness of destiny and life”, and “ethics”.
From academic school perspective, Yueji thought integrate Confucianism, Taoism, and
Monism etc, though mainly Confucianism. Yueji’s thought build up three-level structure
that is using Li ideology as body, using etiquette and music as images, and using
“transforming social traditions and customs ” as function. Yueji’s Li ideology also
established close relationships with other ideology of Pre-Qin pre-chin Taoism and
idealistic. This help to reappear thinking thread of Pre-Qin dynasty.

Attachments : vol.14-04(왕의).pdf

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