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[Vol.14 (2010)] Zhu Xi’s Theory of Li & Qi’s Sameness and Difference, and Dispute of Human Being & Thing Nature’s Sa
Author : Xing Liju
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 97-116
Keyword : Li & Qi’s Sameness and Difference, Human Being & Thing Nature’s Sameness, Human Being & Thing Nature’s Difference, Original&Pure Nature, Three Class’ Nature
Abstract :

This paper is research for Oeam( 巍岩) Lee Gan( 李柬, 1677-1727)) and
Namdang(南塘) Han Wonjin(韩元震, 1682-1751)’s Dispute about Sameness and
Difference between Nature of Human being and Thing with Zhu Xi(朱熹)’s
recognition of Li & Qi’s Sameness and Difference. This Lee Gan & Han Wonjin’s
Dispute of Human being & Thing Nature’s Sameness and Difference is important on
Korean Neo Confucianism.
There are some trouble points that were much to be desired or not decided in Zhu
Xi’s early and last recognition for Li & Qi’s Sameness and Difference. So, These points
caused problem on Neo Confucianism’s rationale coordination
Lee Gan insisted that Human being and Thing are clothed with Li(理), so Human
being and Thing Nature have same Pure & Good nature. But Han Wonjin suggested that
Human being and Thing are not same nature on His theory of three class’ Nature which
are nature of transcendental material& physical, issuing in material& physical, mixing
material& physical.

Attachments : vol.14-05(형려국).pdf

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