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[Vol.30 (2018)] Christoph Harbsmeier Contra Karyn Lai and Kevin DeLapp on the Epistemological Characteristics of Ear
Author : John R. WILLIAMS
Date : 19.02.19
Page :
Keyword : Mengzi, Confucius, Xunzi, standpoint theory, Christoph Harbsmeier, Karyn Lai, Kevin DeLapp
Abstract :

The present article aims to subject two recent works, which attempt to argue for an interpretation of Confucian epistemology as akin to standpoint epistemology, to critical scrutiny. These works are by Karyn Lai and Kevin DeLapp, respectively. This is achieved by looking at a classic study by Christoph Harbsmeier, Science and Civilization in China Volume VII Part 1, and then showing that logical practices in early China, including those displayed in the Mengzi 孟子 and Lunyu 論語, run contrary to commitments that both Lai and DeLapp attribute to Confucian epistemology. On the basis of this observation, I conclude that Confucianism is not as similar to or as useful for standpoint theories as Lai and DeLapp maintain. While a detailed analysis of Lai’s and DeLapp’s views is not attempted, the hope is that the positive value of Harbsmeier’s volume for understanding early Confucian epistemology is displayed. 

Attachments : vol.30 John R. WILLIAMS.pdf

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