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[Vol.30 (2018)] A New Approach to the expression Innocent Thoughts (Si wu xie )
Author : ٥
Date : 19.02.19
Page : 129-143
Keyword : Confucius, innocent thoughts, pureness, honesty, Analects, Confucius Comments on the Book of Poetry
Abstract :

Confucius quoted many poems in his teachings, as seen in the transmitted Lunyu (Analects) and the excavated text Kongzi shi lun (Confucius Comments on the Book of Poetry). However, the poems Confucius quoted cannot be found in the transmitted text Shijing (Book of Poetry), even though quoting poems without distorting the context (yin shi bu li qu yi ϣ) was always a basic principle when Confucius quoted and evaluated the Book of Poetry; this is also the fundamental starting point that allows us to grasp the true meaning of the expression innocent thoughts (si wu xie ). Though the expression innocent thoughts originally meant never being skewed on horseback, Confucius used it to summarize the artistic spirit of, and emphasize the pure thoughts and emotions in the Book of Poetry. However, the pureness in his teaching does not refer to the pureness of political education but the pureness of temperament, which highlights natural emotions and moral virtues such as honesty, uprightness, and integrity. In this regard, innocent thoughts actually require that the emotion of the poet should be taken from the heart without any artifice. This is because truth and sincerity are the main yardsticks of the poems, and the Book of Poetry also contains some sensuality. 

Attachments : vol.30 ZHANG Ming.pdf

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