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[Vol.30 (2018)] The Entry of the Zhuangzi kouyi Ϣ by Lin Xiyi into Joseon, the Publication of the Commentary,
Author : KIM Ho
Date : 19.02.19
Page : 165-184
Keyword : Lin Xiyi, the Zhuangzi kouyi, interpretation of the Zhuangzi from Confucian perspectives, implicit cultural significance
Abstract :

The Zhuangzi is a book that can be interpreted diversely. For this reason, many commentaries on the text were written at different times in Chinese history, each commentary with different implicit meanings. Among them, the Zhuangzi kouyi Ϣ by Lin Xiyi from the Song dynasty is a commentary characterized by the fact that the text is interpreted from Confucian perspectives (yi ru jie zhuang ). What is interesting is that it was read in Joseon and Japan and had certain effects on the academic circles of the two countries. Previous studies on its entry into Japan have been conducted, yet in contrast, only few studies on its entry into Joseon have been made. With this difference in mind, this paper aims mainly to explore two issues within the scope of the research: its entry into Joseon and the acceptance of the text by Joseon academic circles. First, this paper intends to summarize and analyze the text Zhuangzi kouyi (the Joseon edition ) from the perspectives of bibliography, explaining the differences between the Joseon edition and the Chinese edition. Next, the implicit cultural significance that its entry into Joseon and its publication in the nation had will be explained in detail. That is, this study will explain the reception of the Joseon academic circles, as well its academic ethos in terms of why the Zhuangzi is interpreted from Confucian perspectives. 

Attachments : vol.30 KIM Ho.pdf

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