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[Vol.31 (2019)] The Characteristics of Qian Shi’s Interpretation of the Lunyu
Author : TANG Minggui
Date : 19.03.05
Page : 137-152
Keyword : Qian Shi, Rongtang’s Humble Opinion on The Four Books, Mind philosophy, Lunyu, interpretation
Abstract :

The Rongtang’s Humble Opinion on The Four Books Vol. II written by Qian Shi is the representative work of the Lu school of mind which focuses on the interpretation of the Lunyu. When interpretating the Lunyu, on one hand, Qian Shi centered on the interpretation of ancient texts, not only attached great importance to the phonetic notation of Chinese characters, but also laid emphasis on the paraphrasing of wares and institutions, taking on great sinological connotations; on the other hand, he focused on the interpretation of the meaning and theory of the Lunyu, not only paying attention to the construction of idealism, but also advocating the inner sageliness characterized by “self-examination,” “the act of respect” and “meditation,” and outer kingliness characterized by “doing” and “practicing,” taking on distinctive features of mind philosophy. His work can be described as unique in the history of the critical study of the Lunyu.

Attachments : TANG Miggui(137-152).pdf

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