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[Vol.31 (2019)] The Relationship between Conscience and Qi in Yangmings Philosophy
Author : LI Bin
Date : 19.03.05
Page : 175-191
Keyword : YangmingconscienceqiNoumenon (benti )teachings of self-cultivation (gongfulun )the unity of all things (wanwuyiti ؿڪ)
Abstract :

At present, the study of Yangmings philosophy is centered on conscience . But conscience in Yangmings philosophy is not a purely moral concept, but an ontological concept. In the Neo Confucianism of Song and Ming Dynasties, the opposition between qi and li or qi and human nature (xing ) was converted to the relationship between conscience and qi in Yangmings philosophy. The status of qi in Yangming philosophy has been greatly improved compared with the Song Dynasty. But for Yangming, extending the conscience (zhiliangzhi ) is not committed to change qi in the human body, but to extend the conscience itself. The ontological foundation of all things share one body can only be conscience instead of qi. Therefore, conscience can not be separated from qi, but after all, conscience determines qi rather than qi determines conscience. Investigating the relationship between conscience and qi is of great significance for us to further grasp Yangmings philosophy and its inheritance and development of Neo-Confucianism with in the Song Dynasty. Therefore, although Yang ming attaches great importance to qi, his attempt to absorb qi with his conscience actually dispels the objectivity of qi.


Attachments : LI Bin(175-191).pdf

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