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[Vol.31 (2019)] Mou Zongsan’s Concept of Socialism
Author : CHEN Ying-nian
Date : 19.03.05
Page : 211-227
Keyword : Mou Zongsan, Socialism, Political philosophy, Economic rights, Political rights, Cultural rights
Abstract :

Mou Zongsan’s concept of socialism is closely linked to his moral metaphysics. He emphasized the importance of transition from capitalism to socialism and regarded it as the inevitable for the realization of Confucian concept of datong 大同. There were four main aspects of his discourse: First, capitalist free economy breed public ownership and the plan of the socialist economy; second, the capitalist free politics breeds proletarian freedom and proletarian democracy; third, and yet the goal of socialism is the freedom of spiritual life, and socialism must require cultural construction; last, only then can we say that socialism with Chinese characteristics, namely qualitative socialism, is most conducive to the realization of human rights. These arguments of Mou Zongsan reflect not only common sense at that time, but also the characteristics of his political philosophy, which can be used as a mirror for today.


Attachments : CHEN Ying-nian(211-227).pdf

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