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[Vol.29 (2018)] A Comparative Study of the Development Patterns of Zhuzixue in China and Korea
Author : DENG Qing-Ping
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 133-149
Keyword : Zhuzixue, Zhuzixue in China, Zhuzixue in Korea, three ups and downs, one up and down, development pattern, comparative study
Abstract :

In regard to Zhuzixue 朱子學 (Study of Master Zhu) in China and South Korea, there are two main comparative approaches: one is the comparison between Zhuzixue developed in Korea and Zhuzixue formulated by Zhu Xi and his disciples. The other is the comparison between Zhuzixue in Korea and China during the same time period. These two kinds of comparison are conducive to examining how Zhuzixue showed different development patterns during the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties of China. In addition, these comparisons can elucidate how Zhuzixue evolved in Korea from its introduction to the fall of the Joseon Dynasty in the early twentieth century. The development patterns of Zhuzixue in China and Korea follow different paths: China has experienced three ups and downs in multilateral academic streams while Korea has experienced one up and down in a unilateral academic stream. These differences can be clearly explained only when we consider the two nations’ differences in various aspects, such as political environments, ideological and cultural backgrounds, and academic achievements.


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