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[Vol.29 (2018)] Being-psychology and Confucianism
Author : JUN Byung-Sul
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 185-201
Keyword : Abraham H. Maslow, Being-psychology, Confucianism, scientific ethics, values
Abstract :

Abraham H. Maslow is one of the main founders of Humanistic psychology. According to him, modern people live with many different psychological problems, and among them, loss of values is the ultimate chronic disease. He argues that since current situations modern people are facing are more dangerous than ever in history, people should work their way out toward reaching the goal of self-realization, thereby improving such situations. He also states that Americans have already realized that political democratization and economic prosperity do not offer solutions to basic value issues, stressing the need of converting to oneself in order to establish ones values. Maslow, in his writing Toward a Psychology of Being, criticizes traditional behavioristic psychology and environmental determinism. He highlights the potential of humans, as an active being, for creating something and realizing complete personality. He states that the final goal of Being-psychology is for humans to expand themselves from society to the universe and fulfil themselves as one part of the organized whole. This goal corresponds with the ultimate aim of Confucianism. Maslow is concerned about questions such as what is a moral life?, what makes a person moral?, how can we raise children to be morally elegant adults? He regards this kind of critical mind or awareness as a revolutionary transition in psychology. He tries to set up scientific ethics where truth and values fuse together through recognizing the being. What he means by science is scientific ethics acquired through observation and experience, especially by emulating fully mature people. However, this is just an empty statement lacking concrete steps. Confucianism has their way of practice such as cun tianli qu renyu , hanyang xingcha , and zhi liangzhi . If Maslow had known such ways of practice in Confucianism, his Being-psychology would have been more perfect and sound.


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