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[Vol.28 (2017)] Scholarship and Self-Cultivation: Reconstruction, Dissemination, and Internalization of Confucian Th
Author : LO Ming-Tung
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 87-111
Keyword : Xiaoxue (Little Learning), The Four Books and Five Classics, Confucian knowledge framework, hangnyeong (code of conduct), scholarly approach
Abstract :

The introduction of Zhu Xi’s 朱熹 Xiaoxue 小學 (Little Learning) opened up opportunities for reconstruction of the Confucian knowledge framework in Joseon. Scholars reviewed the role of the Four Books and Five Classics while imbibing from Neo-Confucian philosophy. A localized Confucian knowledge system started to take shape. On the one hand, the Joseon court implemented the hangnyeong (code of conduct) and “Nongmyeong” systems, promoting the status of the Xiaoxue. On the other hand, county schools and regional institutions in areas such as Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do stressed the significance of the book for self-cultivation, rather than competition for officialdom, reflecting the Joseon scholars’ initiative in a locally-oriented elaboration of Confucianism.


Attachments : LO Ming-Tung.pdf

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