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[Vol.28 (2017)] The Role of Choe Si-hyeong and His Recognition of the World in the Eastern Learning Movement
Author : JEON Sungkun
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 113-125
Keyword : Eastern Learning, world of insecurity, self-expression, spiritual incantation, controlling the mind, revealing morality, ventilating spirit
Abstract :

This paper discusses the role of Choe Si-hyeong who is the second leader of the Eastern Learning and his recognition of the world. The Eastern Learning was established by the first leader Choe Je-u and further developed by Choe Si-hyeong. We could call Choe Si-hyeong a labor agitator and religious reformer from a present viewpoint. He diagnosed the 19th century as a world of insecurity which needed a new prescription: the teachings of the Eastern Learning. One of the teachings is serving the Lord of Heaven that is present in all existence in the universe, including inanimated matter which contained numinous spiritual qualities bestowed from on high. Therefore, human-beings have to be respectful to every existence. In order to maintain this attitude, we should first be aware that all things in the universe express the Lord of Heaven. Second, we must control our mind and reveal morality which is not heteronomous but autonomous. Finally, we should ventilate our spirit to the fullest. Choe Si-hyeong’s indomitable will spread the spirit of the Eastern Learning until the end of his life.


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