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[Vol.28 (2017)] The Analects and the Confucianization of Judiciary in the Han and Tang Dynasties
Author : TANG Ming-Gui
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 127-145
Keyword : Analects, judiciary in the Han and Tang dynasties, Confucianization
Abstract :

The Analects is an important classic which records the thoughts of Confucius and his disciples. During the Han and Tang dynasties, influenced by the ideological trend of instilling confucianism into laws, the idea of “morality-guiding and penalty-supplementing” in the Analects was regarded as the quintessence of judicial culture, along with “rectification of names” as the fundamental principle of the judicial system, and “mutual concealment between relatives” as the guiding principle of judicial practice. This not only promoted the legalization of confucianism, but also added ethical characteristics to the judicial system, which has exerted a profound influence on Chinese traditional laws and even the entire national culture.


Attachments : TANG Ming-Gui.pdf

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