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[Vol.28 (2017)] On Xunzis Ritual and Following the Later King: An Analysis of the Idea A Consistent Principle of
Author : CHANG Hyun Guen
Date : 19.03.25
Page : 189-205
Keyword : Xunzi , the constitution of ritual (lixian ), a consistent principle of ritual (liyi tonglei ׾), following the Later King, Zhougong
Abstract :

Xunzis all ideas can be synthesized into a single word, ritual (li ). Through Xunzis concept of a consistent principle of ritual (liyi tonglei ׾), which reveres ritual and emphasizes knowledge, we can find the concept of the Later King (hou wang ) to have independent, special meaning. Xunzi insisted on external social norms all the way. By emphasizing verification through peoples lives, he asserted that human nature is essentially evil; by focusing on understanding based on the present, he asserted following the Later King. What Xunzi, who puts stress on objectivity and reality, tried to follow(fa ) was the way of the Earlier Kings (xian wang ). However, he could not follow the way as it was because it was too old and had not been transmitted in detail. Only the constitution of ritual (lixian ) can be followed after the Later Kings institutional reform. This is the temporal reason that Xunzi asserted following the Later King. Xunzis consistent principle of ritual was to find common principles out of rituals development process. The opinions such as See the far things through the close; see ten thousand things through one thing were the bases to explain the concept of following the Later King, in other words, following Zhou . Zhous way, institution, culture, and ritual should be followed. The temporal and spatial concepts of the constitution of ritual and a consistent principle of ritual were all relevant to Duke of Zhou. The Later King who Xunzi referred to was not King Wen, nor King Wu, nor the lord of those days, but Zhougong.


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