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[Vol.27 (2017)] On the Notion of Unifying Ren ҡ in Wang Yangmings Thoughts on Ren
Author : WU Zhen
Date : 19.03.26
Page : 67-86
Keyword : Wang Yangming, unifying ren, unity of all things, unity of ren, World-ism
Abstract :

Two or three years before his death, Wang Yangming ٥ (1472-1529) started to emphasize the unity of all things (wanwu yiti ؿڪ). In scholarly discussions of Wangs notion of ren which unifies all things in the universe (tiandi wanwu yiti zhi ren ؿڪ), the character ren (benevolence/humaneness) is often overlooked. In fact, unifying ren (yiti zhi ren ) is the central notion that Wang deploys to formulate his doctrine of the unity of all things. This notion is different from other traditional Chinese ideas about ren and unity, including Cheng Haos (1032-1085) teaching that emphasizes knowing ren (shiren ) in the beginning and then progresses to completely being as one with all things (hunran yuwu tongti ڪ). In a word, Wangs doctrine of the unity of all things is both ontological and practical and reveals the humanistic spirit of World-ism (tianxia zhuyi ). On the basis of a belief in unifying ren, a harmonious world where all things in the universe are originally as one with me (tiandi wanwu ben wu yiti zhe ؿڪ) can be created.

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