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[Vol.26 (2016)] Alternative Forms of Capitalism Supported by the Lunyu
Author : GO JJae Suk
Date : 19.03.27
Page : 49-64
Keyword : Capitalism, Lunyu (Analects), benevolence (ren ), righteousness (yi ), Confucian Capitalism, righteous profit
Abstract :

The global community has sought to distance itself from the capitalism of the past and to focus on searching for another form of capitalism, one that is rooted in new perceptions of the world. The most outstanding characteristic of Confucianism is that all beings are perceived as belonging to one fundamental matrix in which all entities are connected to each other by internal virtues. The Confucian view of economic systems introduces a new concept ofprofitthat differs from that found in the current form of capitalism. Classical Confucianism thoroughly opposes the pursuit of material values solely for oneself without benefiting others. The concept ofrighteous profitfound in Confucianism is based on the pursuit of profits viarighteousness(yi) in order to maintain harmonized relations with the numerous beings surrounding oneself. In other words, the combinations of righteousness (yi) and profit (li ), ethics and economy, and individuals and community are all embedded in Confucianism. Confucianism also strives to achieve equal distribution (junfenг) so that profits are equally distributed to the people.Equality(junг) does not indicate the mechanical and even distribution of material products, but refers to a kind ofsituational equality(shizhong zhifen) in which wealth is distributed in accordance with given situations, so that individuals can coexist harmoniously within a larger community of beings. Various forms of capitalism may be inferred from the Lunyu, and who respect diverse values and seek to harmonize them. Viewed from this standpoint,Confucianism-based capitalism,a notion based on the oneness of the universe, can be identified as a significant value system within the global society in which respect for diverse values is promoted.

Attachments : Alternative Forms of Capitalism Supported by the Lunyu (Go Jaesuk) 49-64.pdf

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