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[Vol.26 (2016)] Zhongdao Գ (Middle Path) and Fortune in the Yijing : The Moral Metaphysics of the Yijing
Author : MA Jun
Date : 19.03.27
Page : 125-135
Keyword : Yijing , zhongdao Գ, moral philosophy and fortune, moral metaphysics, unity between virtue and fortu
Abstract :

ZhongdaoԳ (middle path) refers the middle lines in the hexagrams in the Yijing, the second or fifth positions. Zhongdao includes the notions of zhongzheng (special middle point) and shizhong (temporal middle point). Most zhongdao lines in the hexagrams indicate good fortune with only a few zhongdao lines having been interpreted as presaging bad fortune. This kind of essentially positive approach to human life can be understood as a basis of moral philosophy in the Chinese tradition. The Yijing also has a tendency to relate cosmology and morality in order to make connections between virtual behavior and good fortune. That is, the Yijing holds that moral self-cultivation can be justified by good fortune and psychological rewards. In this regards, the moral metaphysics of the Yijing asserts the unity between virtue and fortune, a conjunction which has had a huge influence on Confucian scholars throughout Chinese history.

Attachments : 涡Գ--Գ߾(ة) 125-135.pdf

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