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[Vol.26 (2016)] A Study of Chen Chuns Annotation of the Lunyu
Author : TANG Minggui
Date : 19.03.27
Page : 159-170
Keyword : Chen Chun , Zhu Xi , Lunyu (Analects), clarification of doubtful and uncertain points, Neo-Confucian scholars in the Zhu Xi school
Abstract :

As one of the four leading disciples of Zhu Xi, Chen Chun made an annotation to the Lunyu (Analects). The main characteristics of his annotation can be summarized as follows: First, he explained the Lunyu sentence by sentence, incorporating Zhu Xis Jizhu (Collection of Commentaries) into his explanation. Second, he made clarifications in question-and-answer form on relevant issues in the Jizhu, which mainly include others views cited in the Jizhu, Zhu Xis self-annotations in the Jizhu, and the differences between old and new views in the Jizhu. His clarifications on doubtful and uncertain points have been conducive to readers better understanding of Zhu Xis annotations. Third, he not only explained and analyzed important categories involved in Zhu Xis the Jizhu,, he also made his own interpretations and arguments for the notes in the Jizhu, thus enriching and developing Zhu Xis thought. In this sense, Chen Chun deserves credit for his contribution to the development of the Zhu Xi School

Attachments : 衶ޡڰ(٥) 159-170.pdf

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