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[Vol.25 (2016)] A New Approach to Chen Mens Ridicule of Kongzi
Author : GUO Yuan
Date : 19.03.28
Page : 171-182
Keyword :
Abstract :

The Xian wen chapter in the Lunyu contains Chen Mens ڦ remark about Kongzi (551-479 BCE). Kongzi was well known for his travel to feudal states to preach his political ideals. Of this effort, Chen Men remarked that Kongi was doing things though he know they are unworkable (zhi qi bu ke er wei zhi ʦ為). Chen Mens remark has typically been understood as a ridicule of Kongzi. While there have been various debates on the nature of the Chen Mens criticism of Kongzis behavior and diverse interpretations are possible it seems clear that Chen Mens ridicule of Kongzi attests to Kongzis lofty moral integrity and idealistic devotion to improving human society. The effort and devotion exemplified by Kongzi are usually understood as the essence of Confucian morale and value.

Attachments : ޡʦ_(ά_ά) 171-182.pdf

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