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[Vol.24 (2015)] The Metaphor of the Body and Symbolization of Communication in Wang Yangming
Author : KIM Seseoria
Date : 19.03.28
Page : 35-51
Keyword : Wang Yangming, liangzhi, metaphor, symbolization, symbol of the body, communication
Abstract :

This paper offers a new way of reading Wang Yangming’s 王陽明 (1472-1528) theory by reinterpreting Wang Yangming’s body as a metaphor. It intends to interpret Wang Yangming’s model of an ideal body as a symbolization of communication and not in the context of a feudalistic project. This thesis attempts to read the symbolization of communication through Wang’s conception of “one body consciousness.”It also elaborates liangzhi 良知 as a necessary attractor of the metaphor and interprets this as a signification of “resemblance.” This paper is based upon the philosophy of difference. To guarantee communication between people as well as communication between human beings and nature, careful analysis and critical consideration regarding unicity, sameness, and oneness must be involved. Under such circumstances, the philosophy of difference provides particularly valuable insights. Theory that only highlights one body as a symbol for oneness/sameness falls into the danger of emphasizing limited and hierarchical elements. Therefore, this thesis acknowledges differences within universality, and attempts to find the philosophy of differences within Wang’s theory. This paper discusses how Yangming theorizes the relationship between the body and the mind. Then it explains liangzhi, which is an important attractor in Yangming’s theorization of the body as a metaphor, at the level of “similarity,” and redefines Wang’s conception of one body as a metaphor. In the end, it offers a reading of liangzhi as a symbolization of communication.

Attachments : The Metaphor of the Body and Symbolizaion of Communication in Wang Yangming(KIM Seseoria) 35-51..pdf

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