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[Vol.24 (2015)] Some Academic Characteristics of Huang Zhens Interpretation of the Du Lunyu
Author : TANG Minggui
Date : 19.03.28
Page : 153-167
Keyword : Huang Zhen, Zhu Xi, Du Lunyu , Lunyu jizhu , academic characteristics
Abstract :

In his Du Lunyu , Huang Zhen's highly praised Zhu Xi's Lunyu jizhu , which pays attention to explaining key concepts and teachings, and laid emphasis on clarifying the meaning with regard to a few problems. Huangs text reflected the scholarly attitude of its author, as well as his determination to seek the truth in facts without empty words. Furthermore, Huang was not afraid of authority, and boldly dared to address what he perceived to be his contermporaries failings and publish his own opinions, and in so doing performed the academic style of troubling the complacent.

Attachments : 衶ޡ(٥) 153-167..pdf

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