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[Vol.24 (2015)] The Groundbreaking Book in the Dissemination of Confucianism to Europe, Chinese Philosopher Confuciu
Author : ZHANG Xiping
Date : 19.03.28
Page : 169-181
Keyword : Confucius, Confucianism, the Chinese Rite controversy, Four Books, the Jesuits.
Abstract :

The Chinese Philosopher Confucius was a groundbreaking book in Confucianisms dissemination to Europe. This article presents research on the background and contents of the book, concluding that this great work largely emerged from the Chinese Rites Controversy in the 17th and 18th centuries, and was particularly influenced by the Jesuit argument that these Chinese rites were secular rituals that were compatible with Christianity, within certain limits, and should thus be tolerated. At the same time, the publishing of this book marked the first time in history that Confucianism from Eastern Asia became available to European philosophers, and its publication and distribution properly marks the beginning of the influence Confucianism exerted on modern European ideology, as well as an important moment in the development of Confucianisms worldwide influence.

Attachments : ʫϱ¡ʫ() 169-181..pdf

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