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[Vol.23 (2015)] From Jingxue 經學 to Philosophy and from There, Whence?
Author : SHIN Jeong-keun
Date : 19.04.03
Page : 1-27
Keyword : jingxue (textual scholarship), philosophy, science, classification of sciences, modernity
Abstract :

Disciplinary classifications are subject to change because the purpose and method of pursuing knowledge change with the passage of time. Through the history of Western scholarship, philosophy has been regarded as the basis of all sciences, or as the “Queen of Sciences.” Before its import, jingxue 經學 (textual scholarship or the study of the Confucian classics) had been regarded as the most important type of scholarship in East Asia. Jingxue was one of the four traditional categories used in bibliographic classification in China. Since the initial encounter between the East and the West, jingxue has continued to exist, but has surrendered its privileged status to philosophy. Philosophers in Korea are confronted with the problematic condition of a lack of consensus on research subjects and methodology. This is different from Western situations in which philosophers have declared the demise of philosophy and cast doubts on the identity of philosophy. In Korea, intellectuals speak most frequently about the “crisis of philosophical research” or the “crisis of philosophy education,” not the crisis of philosophy itself. This paper intends to examine why the crisis of philosophical research has occurred and how to cope with it. The examination begins with revisiting the scholars who had a keen interest in the issue and explores some directions for philosophic inquiry in 21st century Korea.

Attachments : From Jingxue to Philosophy and from There, Whence(SHIN Jeong-Keun) 1-27..pdf

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