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[Vol.23 (2015)] A Study of Tjhie Tjay Ings Views of Confucian Religion in Indonesia
Author : CHUAN Tee Boon
Date : 19.04.03
Page : 199-211
Keyword : Indonesia, Confucian religion, Agama Khonghucu, Tjhie Tjay Ing, eight creed of Confucian religion, ritual system.
Abstract :

This paper attempts to analyze how Tjhie Tjay Ing, an encyclopedic spiritual master of the Confucian religion in Indonesia, understood the Confucian tradition. This paper argues that Tjhies view of Confucian religion is not as sophisticated and systematic as he endeavors to show through his presentation of the doctrinal eight creeds of confucian rligion in his Fundamental Textbooks of Confucian Religion (2006). This is because his creeds are an unsuccessful imitation of the six creeds of Islamic religion. Furthermore, his book reveals an essential misunderstanding of the Confucian ritual systems.

Attachments : __κ() 199-211..pdf

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