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[Vol.22 (2014)] Envisioning the Territory of the Sages: The Neo-Confucian Discourse of Jingjie
Author : HAN Christina
Date : 19.04.03
Page : 85-109
Keyword : Jingjie 境界, Neo-Confucianism, Territory, Sagehood
Abstract :

The adoption and adaptation of the discourse of jingjie 境界 had a significant impact on the Neo-Confucian conceptualization of sagehood. This article examines the discourse of sagely jingjie developed by both Chinese and Korean Neo-Confucians. It shows that jingjie discourse helped to render Neo-Confucian learning into a territorial undertaking, as the reaching, seeing, entering, seeking, creating, and occupying of the moral and spiritual territory of the sages. It also explores the Neo-Confucian discussion of the jingjie of Yan Hui as an example of personal moral cultivation. On the whole, this study brings to light the territorial imagination of Neo-Confucian philosophy, which to date has remained largely unexplored.

Attachments : ART001902186.pdf

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