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[Vol.21 (2014)] Yulgok's Moral Emotion Theory: A Reflection on the Foundation of Normativity
Author : KIM Kyungho
Date : 19.04.04
Page : 19-40
Keyword : the Four Beginnings (四端), the Seven Feelings (七情), moral emotion, morality, the theory of ri and gi (理氣論), Yulgok (栗谷)
Abstract :

In this paper I will attempt to reinterpret in a modern context the theory of the Four Beginnings and the Seven Feelings advanced by Yulgok (栗谷) especially by focusing on two aspects. First, I will investigate an aspect of the Confucian philosophical theory of moral emotion through Yulgok's discussion of the Four-Seven. Specifically, I will try to identify the basis of morality and the foundation of normativity proposed by Yulgok. Secondly, I will explore the possibility of a new interpretation of his much discussed view on the Four-Seven. In order to foster a better understanding of morality in general, I will reformulate the problem of emotions and morality in the Four-Seven debate within the contemporary theoretical framework of moral emotion.

Attachments : 02김경호 19-40.pdf

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