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[Vol.9 (2008)] On Zhou yi s Philosophical Connotation From Original Characters of Qian() and Kun()
Author : Liao Mingchun
Date : 19.08.30
Page : 107-132
Keyword : Zhou yi, qian(), kun(), jian(), shun(顺), yin(阴), yang(阳), duality
Abstract :

Original character of qian() should be jian() that of kun() be

shun(顺) and qian() kun() is the phonetic loan of jian() shun(顺) in

etymology. There are no characters of yin(阴) yang(阳) in primary text of Zhou

yi, but has the idea of duality which conception is jian() and shun(顺). Jian()

Shun(顺) is just yin(阴) yang(阳) and gang(刚) rou(). Confucius and early

literature represented by Yi zhuan explained primary text of Zhou yi using the

conception of yin(阴) yang(阳), which was some discrepancy in form but caught

hold of the idea of duality in substance.

Attachments : Vol.09(Ar.6).pdf

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