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[Vol.9 (2008)] Further on HUANG Zong-xi’s Conception of Philosophical History in Ming Dynasty
Author : Huang Dunbing, Lei Haiyan
Date : 19.08.30
Page : 133-154
Keyword : Huang Zongxi, Ming-ru Xue-an, Viewpoints on Philosophical History, Xue-an-ti, Ming-philosophy
Abstract :

Ming-ru Xue-an is the philosophical history for the Ming Dynasty, which embodies

Chinese nature and has great contribution to the history of Chinese history’s study. In

this book, “Tao is not owned by one school or somebody”, “Sage’s spirit is scattered

into schools”, “thinking through many ways” etc. such splendid viewpoints bring forth

academic equality and democracy of modern times. By the famous work, HUANG

Zong-xi created the Ming-philosophical-history development process, which poached in

a way that Confucius is the main-stone, ideology is the main-steam. Such framework

shows scholars reason spirit in their efforts, so-called “to take on”, “to disclose the

different aspects of minds”. All these purchase, not only means much to the

philosophical history study, but shows us another way to analyze HUANG Zong-xi’s

political-ethical thoughts about reconstruction of the Scholar-orthodoxy etc.

Attachments : Vol.09(Ar.7).pdf

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