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[Vol.9 (2008)] Korean Confucianists understanding and explanation on Zhuzis Mind, Nature and Emotion in the
Author : Wen Bifang
Date : 19.08.30
Page : 155-188
Keyword : Mind(), Nature()Passion(), Zhuzi(), Toegye(͢), Yulgok()
Abstract :

In Zhuzis Xing-li School, the Mind() is a critical concept and intrinsically

related to his Principle and Material Force(气), Nature–Emotion(). At the

same time, the Mind() has very close relationship with other major concepts in Zhu

Xis Xing-li School, such as Principle and Material Force(气), Nature –

Passion(), Mean and Harmony(), Mind of Man-Mind of the Way(

与Գ), Original Nature-Physical Nature(٤与气质), Four Beginnings-

Seven Emotions(Ӯ与), and Abidance in Reverence Exhaustive Study of

Principle(穷).However, modern scholars have different views on the Zhuzis

Mind() and other related concepts. Considering this, based on the explanation of

the intrinsic logics in Zhuzis Xing-li School, this paper tries to analyze and discuss

ancient Korean Confucianists understanding, master and controversies on the concepts

and propositions in Zhuzis Xing-li School. Therefore, we can offer a very fresh view

on Zhuzis Mind() and other concepts.

Attachments : Vol.09(Ar.8).pdf

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