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[Vol.9 (2008)] Song Jun-gil's Neo-Confucianism
Author : Hong Jun
Date : 19.08.30
Page : 189-216
Keyword : Neo-Confucianism, Li(principle), Qi(material), Four Beginnings and The Seven Emotions, Human Mind and Mind of Dao
Abstract :

Dong Choon Dahng (Song Jun-gil, 1606-1672) was a famous Confucianist and

politician in the Li Dynasty of Korean of the 17th century. As a direct disciple of

Yulgok , Song Jun-gil,together with Song Si-yeol of Kiho Confucianism school ,

exalted as “Two song” had the important effect in the history. Song Jun-gil always got

in touch with Youngnam school and had made his own special style of theory. He had

made great contributions for the development of Neo-Confucianism in the Li Dynasty

of Korean. In this paper, Song Jun-gil's Neo-Confucianism including the Theory of Li

(principle) and Qi(material), four beginnings and the seven emotions ,human mind and

Mind of Dao ,was studied through comparing with the thought of Zhuxi and Yulgok.

Attachments : Vol.09(Ar.9).pdf

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