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[Vol.9 (2008)] A Study on the Subject of Modernization in Korea
Author : Park, Jeoung Sim
Date : 19.08.30
Page : 217-240
Keyword : Modernity, Modern Confucianism, liangzhixue(学), Subject, New Nationality(国)
Abstract :

The Modern Age is called as the era of Eastern Penetration of the West(势东渐).

This terminology reveals clearly the shocks of the Modern Western Culture. When we

faced strong others(), that is, Western Cultures, we had to asked serious question

of "Who am I" to oneself. And when the fact to meet others, that is, Western,

accompanied the invasion of the imperialism it is natural the Eastern to have the instinct


Shin Chae-ho() and Park Eun-sik() which experienced heterogenious

others, Modern Western tried to make essential Korean Modern subject through

acceptance of the Modern Western and also critique and accession of the Confucianism.

It is natural to call the Modern Western Culture as rationality, so Modern Western

rationality have characteristics which means the liberalization of the mythological view

of the world and traditional restriction. In the Middle Ages which human rationality was

granted the status of Divinity, the core of the Modernity was the subjectivity. But

Korean Modernity which confronted the invasion of imperialism tried to accept

advantages of the Western Modernity and also tried to solve the problems of the Eastern

modernity which different from Western Modernity.

Shin Chae-ho and Park Eun-sikpresented the identity of New Nationality(国)

as the national correspondent subject rather than rational identity. The New Nationality

which they represented required the moral awakening and practice and also attached

importance of collective body. And also Natural Moral Knowledge() of Park Eun

sik and Natural Subjectivity of Joseon(鲜) were closely related with Confucianism.

But they tried to change this Confucianism to contribute to constitute New Nationality.

They thought the subjectivity of the Joseon will be concreted by succession of

Confucianism. So the fact that they tried to critique and succeed the Confucianism

means the process of self-realization and self-maturity.

Attachments : Vol.09(Ar.10).pdf

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