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[Vol.32 (2019)] Replacing Liberal Confucianism with Progressive Confucianism
Author : Stephen C. Angle
Date : 19.09.02
Page : 41-63
Keyword : progressive Confucianism, liberal Confucianism, progress, liberalism, ziyou 自由, Mou Zongsan, Qiu Feng, Huang Yushun, Bao Wenxin
Abstract :

The core thesis of this essay is that “progressive Confucianism” is a clear
and viable category, a label for many though not all contemporary Confucians,
which succeeds in capturing what is useful about so-called “liberal”
Confucianism without suffering from various problems to which I show
“liberal Confucianism” falls prey. The essay begins with examples of progressive
Confucians being labeled as “liberal” in ways that are misleading.
I next turn to the use of “liberal” by influential twentieth-century New
Confucians and then look at some contemporary theorists who are often
labeled “liberal Confucians.” Overall, for reasons having to do both with
content and with rhetoric, I argue that even some Confucians who have
been content to be called “liberal Confucians” should resist this label and
identify as progressive Confucians instead, although others with “dualcommitments”
may still prefer “liberal Confucian” or even “Confucian
liberal.” The essay concludes with some further clarification of the senses
in which progressive Confucians use the idea of “progress.”

Attachments : Stephen C. Angle 41-63.pdf

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