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[Vol.32 (2019)] Rethinking Nationalism, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism
Author : Guoxiang Peng
Date : 19.09.02
Page : 99-116
Keyword : nationalism, patriotism, cosmopolitanism, Confucianism, rooted cosmopolitanism
Abstract :

This article intends to probe the related issues of nationalism, patriotism,
and cosmopolitanism from the perspective of Confucianism and present
some observations and remarks. First, it examines nationalism and
patriotism as two potentially related and possibly mutually transformed
concepts in but not limited to the Chinese context. Second, it proposes
how to properly understand cosmopolitanism in terms of the relationship
between patriotism and cosmopolitanism and points out a key problem
that cosmopolitanism has to address. Third, it highlights the Confucian
understanding of humanity, self, and all-under-heaven, not only to present
the Confucian perspective on these three issues but to locate Confucianism
in regard to the contrast between patriotism and cosmopolitanism. Finally,
it recommends Confucianism as a form of rooted cosmopolitanism or cosmopolitan
patriotism, which, among various traditions in the world, can
provide a theoretical and practical resource for reconciling the tension
between cosmopolitanism and patriotism/nationalism. The Confucian
perspective in this article is not based on one or more particular Confucian
figures or texts. Rather, it is a view developed by a Confucian scholar, not
only a scholar of Confucianism.

Attachments : Guoxiang Peng 99-116.pdf

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