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[Vol.32 (2019)] Duan Zhengyuan’s Moral Studies Society and the Political Imagination of a Religious Enterprise
Author : Sébastien Billioud
Date : 19.09.02
Page : 117-143
Keyword : Duan Zhengyuan, Moral Studies Society, redemptive societies, Confucianism, jiaohua, He Jian
Abstract :

This paper focuses on Duan Zhengyuan 段正元 (1864—1940) and his Moral
Studies Society, one of the important redemptive societies with a Confucian
orientation of the Republican Period. It provides a brief introduction
to Duan’s thought and more specifically to his main defense of the “unity
of morals and politics” (zhengdeheyi 政德合一) at a time when many intended
to relegate the Confucian tradition to the dustbin of history. It
also shows how Duan managed to link his political thought to concrete
actions and projects, both at the top (interactions with political elites) and
at the grassroots level of society (organization of jiaohua 敎 groups),
thus promoting a Confucian political imagination still considered relevant
to a modern context.

Attachments : Sebastien Billioud 117-143.pdf

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