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[Vol.32 (2019)] Reflections on Lao Sze-Kwang and His Double-Structured “Intracultural” Philosophy of Culture
Author : Roger T. Ames
Date : 19.09.02
Page : 145-169
Keyword : intra-cultural, philosophy of culture, Hegel, New-Confucian philosophers, double-structured philosophy of culture, “aspectual” language
Abstract :

In his own time, Lao Sze-Kwang formulated his own intra-cultural approach
to the philosophy of culture that begins from the interdependence
and organic nature of our cultural experience. In this essay, I address three
questions: Why did Lao abandon his early reliance on the Hegelian model
of philosophy of culture and formulate his own “two- structured” theory?
Again, given Lao’s profound commitment and contribution to Chinese
philosophy and its future directions, why is it not proper to describe him
as a “Chinese philosopher?” And why is the much accomplished Lao Sze-
Kwang not installed in the CUHK pantheon as yet one more of the great
“New Confucian” philosophers (xinruxuejia 新儒學家) to be associated with
this institution?

Attachments : Roger T. Ames 145-169.pdf

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