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[Vol.15 (2011)] Huang Tsung-his and the Reconstruting of the Viewpoints of Moral Courage in Ming-Qing Dynasties
Author : Huang Dun-bing
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 199-218
Keyword : Huang Tsung-his, the Viewpoints of Qijie, Pre-Dynasty Person, Moral Courage, the Period from the Mid-Ming to the Early-Qing Dynasty, Reconstructing
Abstract :

At the turn-point of Qing Dynasty destroyed Ming Dynasty, which named as the
time “just like 10000 miles mountains are shaking to the ground when they are
supported only by a thread”. From questions of the reasons the Ming-dynasty’s perish,
Huang Tsung-hsi criticized that the intellectual sprits had fallen, the politics had rotted
and people had despaired. He thought that a pre-dynasty intellectual should not take the
death for pre-Ming dynasty as the only road to show their respects, they should take
Yan Zi-ling as their moral model, live proudly, and write foreseeing works to educate
good moral courage and such kinds of intellectuals.

Attachments : vol.15-11.pdf

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