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[Vol.14 (2010)] A Study on the Religious Meaning of Confucius Ideas
Author : Go, Jae-suk
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 51-74
Keyword : Confucius, Religion, Secularization, Seamless Unity between Heaven and Man, Pluralism in Religion , Confucianism
Abstract :

In analyzing the religious phenomenon in modern society, people often say “we
have already ushered in an age characterized by pluralism in religion”. Therefore, the
traditional concept of god in Christianity, such as “the absolute and supernatural god”,
has collapsed, and a demand for understanding of religion in a new sense has come into
being, thus, people have realized that in the cultural society of mankind, there are also
many ways to experience religion and salvation. Some scholars advocate the central
task of religion should be to “experience change”,namely, to experience the great
change from the “present ego” to the “new ego”. However,as early as 2000-plus years
ago, Confucius already began to try to change people's concept by the root, stressing
that we could not seek happiness by conforming to the absolute being, such as gods,
God or Heaven, but should perfect ourselves through reasonable transformation in daily
life, such as “do what we want to do without going beyond the rule”. This ideal means a
seamless unity between Heaven and man, that is, human mind should not be restricted
by anything beyond natural, or we should try to become one with Heavenly truth in our
natural motion. That is why Confucianism can exist as a religious value in the present
religious pluralism society.

Attachments : vol.14-03(고재석).pdf

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