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[Vol.14 (2010)] Speculation on the Identity of the Complier of ZHU RU MING DAO
Author : Tian Zhizhong
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 117-138
Keyword : ZHU RU MING DAO, Identity of the Complier, CHU SHI, Pirate Edition, Version
Abstract :

We do not know the exact identity of the complier of the ZHE RU MING DAO in
Song Dynasty. Judged from “undiscovered selection criteria ”, the quality its collation
and engraving, the factor of piracy ,some conditions the complier should possess and
influence of this book, we think that this book still can be “FANG KE BEN”, i.e.,
complied by booksellers. So we should be cautious in discussing the “DAO TONG
GUAN” reflected from this book. The thesis argues that the complier of this book may
have relations with CHU HIS. By examining the activities and letters of CHU HIS from
1162 to 1168, we think that the complier most likely be related to ZHENG XIAN, who
also belongs to “ZHE DONG” Academic Community.

Attachments : vol.14-06(전지충).pdf

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