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[Vol.14 (2010)] Primary Study on Lin Dong-cheng’ Mind Theory Thoughts
Author : Jia Qianchu, Chen Hanming
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 139-170
Keyword : Lin Dong-cheng, Mind Theory, the Confucianist of Gentry, Taizhou School, Division
Abstract :

Lin Dong-cheng is the follower of Wang Gen. Meanwhile, he made friends with
Wang Ji, another your brilliant disciple of Wang Yang-ming. Under the influence of
Xinzhai and Longxi, Lin Dong-cheng had formed a style mind theory thoughts of his
own. The main contents comprises these aspects: Innate knowledge is true; Mind is
reason, own is identical to others; politics is related to learning, efforts are in the life;
learning is baced on mind; learn from masters and friends, etc. His thoughts wasn’t
confined to Wang Gen and Wang Ji. Moreover, with the change of his position, Lin
Dong-cheng Had departed from Taizhou School’s tradition of bringing Confucianism
into common people’s life, become the Confucianist of gentry. Lin Dongcheng’learning
and behaviors demonstrated the sign of the Division of Taizhou School.

Attachments : vol.14-07(가건초 진한명).pdf

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