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[Vol.14 (2010)] The Introduction and Introspection to the Confucianism Concepts of Kang Youwei
Author : Wei Yixia
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 171-196
Keyword : Kang Youwei, the Confucianism, Religion, the Confucian School, the Confucian Study, the Confucian Study Revive
Abstract :

In trace of the origin of China local culture, Kang Youwei included all schools of
thoughts into the school of the Confucius and generally called Confucianism which
further initiated a period of Confucianism. Kang Youwei’s Confucianism aimed at
safeguarding the country through protecting its state religion, where his implication is
the Confucianism is the state religion of China that is as good as the Christianity in the
west and the Chinese people are no salvage but as civilized and educated as western
nationalities. However his methodology had not only resulted a series of logical chaos
in notions among the school of the Confucius, the Confucianism and the Confucian
study, but also triggered the dispute over whether the Confucianism is a religion or not.
As a result he failed to revive the Confucianism and traditional culture instead became a
target during the May 4th Movement. All of which speaks clearly that the precondition
of reviving the modern the Confucian study is giving it a proper place.

Attachments : vol.14-08(위의하).pdf

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