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[Vol.13 (2010)] The Practice Character of Confucian Ren and the Traditional Chinese Practice of Ren
Author : Wang Ya
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 1-18
Keyword : Confucian, Ren, Practice, Through Self-Discipline and Observing Ritual Propriety, To Realize Ren Depending on One's Will
Abstract :

Ren as the core of Confucianism has the multiple meanings since it proposed and has never been conclusive.Regardless of many interpretations, it is well recognized that Ren is the essential stipulation of human being and basic ethical principles, the majority of scholars who from ancient times till now explain and develop the idea of Confucian Ren in this sense, making it universal, a priori moral principles at the expense of the natural properties and practical character of Ren. This paper is based on the Confucian classics and traditional Chinese people's daily life,to elaborate the practice character of Confucian Ren in order to more fully understand the Confucian Ren,to find the meeting point of the Confucian Ren and the lives of contemporary people and to realize the reasonable and natural transformation of traditional Confucian ethics in the contemporary.

Attachments : vol.13-01(왕아).pdf

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