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[Vol.13 (2010)] “Education via Music” of Confucius,Mengzi and Xunzi
Author : Wang Mudong
Date : 20.01.30
Page : 19-52
Keyword : Confucius, MengZi, XunZi, “Education-via-music”, Enlightenment
Abstract :

The Confucian idea of “education via music” has a long history. During the Spring and Autumn Dynasty, “the feudal ethical code was collapsed and music was ruined”; in this background, Confucius, drawing “humanity” as a core, theoretically summarized “ritual and music” and made it more humanized and reasonable. constructed a rather complete system of Confucian music theory. The most important Confucian insight into “music” is that education via music must abide by the divine order of things and lead people to doing good turns. The Confucian idea of “education via music” originated from Confucius, developed by MengZi and perfected by Xuncius. In reality, Mencius attached great importance to the tradition of “education via music”, considered music as a carrier of “humanity” or “righteousness” and ritual-music as means of administering the country. The XunZi wrote Yuelun criticized the Mocius “no-music” theory and elucidated his own ideas on music.

Attachments : vol.13-02(왕모동).pdf

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