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[Vol.33 (2020)] An Analytic Approach to Contemporary Confucian Revivalism(s)
Author : Henrique Schneider
Date : 20.02.28
Page : 41-67
Keyword : contemporary Confucianism, public Confucianism, People’s Republic of China, philosophy and social science
Abstract :

There are different variants of contemporary Confucianism. This paper
offers an analytical tool that allows their comparison as well as differentiation
while respecting each’s philosophical tenets: a 2×2 matrix. This
matrix—a technique usually applied in social sciences—is constructed here
from a philosophical perspective. It focuses on two axes of differentiation,
each representing a spectrum: The first locates a particular set of ideas and
its relationship to Confucianism. This is the axis of inclusion. This axis of
the matrix is about the philosophical argument on how a variant counts
itself as Confucian. The second axis relates to the role of Confucianism
in the public sphere, as advocated by a specific variant. This second axis
of the matrix is the axis of intention. This paper applies the matrix on
two variants of contemporary Confucianism revivalism, namely those
proposed by Fang Keli and Fan Ruiping.

Attachments : 2(Henrique)0228.pdf

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