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[Vol.33 (2020)] Chinese Philosophy or The-Chinese-Language Philosophy?
Author : Yang Xiao
Date : 20.02.28
Page : 139-154
Keyword : Philosophy of language, pragmatics, Chinese philosophy (zhongguo zhexue ), the Chinese language (hanyu ), hanyu zhexue , the study of classics (jingxue ), sociology of knowledge approach vs. linguistic determinist approach, cultural manifolds, anti-elitist vs. elitist
Abstract :

This paper offers an analytical and critical examination of the on-going
discussion since the turn of the twenty-first century in China on hanyu
zhexue . Since people engaging in the hanyu zhexue discourse are
often confused, the paper tries to articulate and differentiate various
different theses in the discourse, clarifying conceptual confusions, uncovering
hidden presuppositions, and showing which theses are false,
which ones are true, and which ones are undetermined. Clarifications and
arguments are made based on my previous works done in philosophy of
language, pragmatics, comparative philosophy, Chinese
philosophy of
language, and the study of classics (jingxue ). This paper sketches out
a larger conceptual and historical landscape, in which the hanyu zhexue
discourse can be located. It also points out places where the battles can be
fought, hidden paths found, and arguments and counter-arguments made.
It concludes that the term zhongguo zhexue ʡ (Chinese philosophy)
should not be jettisoned, and replaced by the termhanyu zhexue , as
it has been proposed by many people.

Attachments : 5(Yang Xiao)0228.pdf

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